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The Integrity Founders

Svitlana Textoris

My wish to live life to the fullest, fill it with consciousness and joy brought me closer to learning psychology, meditation, a wide variety of mind-body therapies and practices and studying of erotic development. The purpose of my approach was to find my sense of self, the inner wholeness, learn to become completely immersed in the here and now, live within the conscious experience of joy, freedom and relaxation.

From the moment I chose that path my life became colorful and saturated. I started to gain more fresh vital energy and achieve greater confidence and a sense of identity.
I received knowledge that is most often learned only by experience and today I am a sertified sexological bodyworker, a somatic educator and an intimacy coach, a co-founder of the training centre for sexual education and bodywork – The School of Mindful Intimacy.

Education and Courses

  • Holistic sensual massage course (tantric massage),

    School of Tantra Massage, 2011, Prague;

  • Vaginal acupressure, scar tissue remediation,

    European Academy of Somatic Education, 2013, Prague;

  • Sexological bodywork,

    European Academy of Somatic Education, 2014, Prague;

  • Visceral Therapy,

    School for Visceral Therapy, 2014, Kyiv;

  • Somatic Sex Education,

    European Academy of Somatic Education, 2014, Prague;

  • BodyMind Gestalt Therapy – Advanced Training for Psychologist, trauma therapy,

    United Psychological Centre, 2016, Moscow;

Vladimir Textoris

Till I was 28 years old I was repeating the same relationship patterns which always failed. At that time I tried the first sensual massage because I missed touch and love so much. Just after the first massage I got so much energy and inspiration that I had strength to change life, I felt more what I really want and what I do not. Then I attended special courses, workshops, read a lot of books, studied different approaches for self-healing. In this way, step by step, I understood that mind and body form one whole and we can change states of mind and vice versa. New methods and techniques I had learnt showed me how to connect body and mind, how to achieve a state of deep relaxation, develop sensitivity and awaken self-healing process.
And that’s when I met Svitlana. I felt with all my body that we belong to each other. I opened many wonderful things about myself, about relationship and differences between men and women. It happened at a time of great changes. I had been attending many different seminars, courses and workshops for men. I also visited some family constellations workshops. I am sure that the way I choose is the great way to a conscious life, body-mind transformation and happiness. Both of us, my wife and I, keep on educating ourselves in the sphere of relationship and sexuality.
Now I help people to improve their quality of intimate life, deal with the challenges of sexual dysfunctions, learn to give more pleasure and joy to their partners or simply to find themselves and a source of life power.
That is particularly relevant in contemporary society where so many people are “cut off” from their bodies, sedentary, live under permanent stress.
Working with sexuality and body I see every person as a unique world with its own life history, lifestyle, emotional states, convictions, relations with the surrounding society.
In my work I apply experience gained from multiple self-development courses and techniques from American and Eastern teachers (David Deida, Joseph Kramer, Mirzakarim Norbekov, Alexander Sviyash).

Education and Courses

  • Sports and Reconditioning massage,

    The International School of Beauty and Massage, 2007, Ostrava;

  • The Professional Holistic Sensual Massage Training,

    European Academy of Somatic Education, 2010, Prague;

  • The Course for Coaches – “Intimacy and Touch”,

    European Academy of Somatic Education, 2010, Prague;

  • Classical Medical Massage,

    The New Knowledge, 2011, Donetsk;

  • Vaginal Mapping and Acupressure,

    European Academy of Somatic Education, 2013, Prague;

  • Classical Massage and Relaxing Techniques,

    The Stanislav Flander’s Private Healthcare Organization, 2017, Prague;

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