Tantric Massage for Couples
Understand woman's desires, learn to arouse her body and open up her full sensual potential.
This workshop is for men who long to bring more relaxation and confidence when they are dating or having long-term relationship with women. But the thing is very few men know how to treat the female body and very few women ever experienced their sensual potential to the full.
The approach that we demonstrate to our students awakens true female nature and gives healing effect because it is based on the feeling of safety, trust, love, presence and deep relaxation.

Except anatomical knowledge it is very important to know how differs female and male feelings in the body and their needs. First of all, women need trust, relaxation and feeling of safety in order to be open for deep experience. The most important thing is to open their heart before touch because women seek the feeling of love and connection.

This is why we have prepared a workshop that will help you understand women and what they really want. We will give you honest feedback and real-time experiences to make you understand how ''to take her to a place she has never been''.
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Understand woman's desires, learn to arouse her body and open up her full sensual potential.
Sources of confident and
conscious approach to intimacy
(body mindfulness practices and teachers we rely on)
David Deida workshops, techniques and books
Sexological Bodywork techniques
European Academy of Somatic Education
Self healing trainings Norbekov
Reiki healing
Our own experiences from our personal life, from hundreds of massages and courses
During the workshop you can learn
  • Some differences between man and woman sexuality

  • To understand women's desires and thought process

  • How to arouse women's sexual psyche, her body and give her amazing pleasure

  • To touch erogenous zones and yoni to open up her full sensual potential
What to expect:
Experiental Learning
practice is the only pathway to body-based learning. You will have an opportunity to touch a model, which we will invite for the workshop.
Real-Time Feedback
you only improve is you are given honest, straightforward feedback about how you come across as well as tools for improvement.
By touching gently my whole body she helped me to clean my head from thoughts and to my surprise I relaxed and opened up to the strong feelings I have never experienced before. The tantra massage gave me a lot of energy, as if I got younger. Now I know how important touches are.
After tantra massage I left the studio with a new energy and a new inner strength that I had not felt for quite some time. By listening and practicing what was explained to me I found some of my true self again. The results just after two days I believe have been life changing for me at least.
What can i say about the session whit Karolina, WOW Had the best 2 hours ever, she was really nice pretty girl with an amazing smile and amazing hands, and body 😉 Took me to heaven 😉 I am coming back for SURE 😉
Meet our Teachers
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Daniela Lukešová
I'm is a certified sexological bodyworker, relationship expert and founder of a personal development centre in Pilsen, Czech Republic
Vladimir Textoris
Vladimir Textoris is a relationship coach, experienced teacher of sensual massages who has helped many couples master the art of intimate touch, co-founder of the Sunrise studio.
DATE 10-11 Nov
10 am – 5 pm (including lunch break)
Your participation will be confirmed after REGISTRATION
1450 NOK
Comfortable clothing, notebook
Mollergata 9, 0173 Oslo
Contact us:
Mollergata 9, 0173

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